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Virtual Membership Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Leslie O'Neill
hello everyone, thank you for joining today. We are muted as we wait for the system to allow all to join
Leslie O'Neill
You should be able to hear now. Please make sure you have joined the audio portion of the meeting. We recommend using a phone to connect.
Leslie O'Neill
Hello everyone, thank you for joining today. We recommend joining the audio portion of the meeting via phone to ensure a strong audio connection.
Leslie O'Neill
We would like to remind everyone on the meeting with us today that there will not be C.E. credit awarded for this meeting tonight.
Leslie O'Neill
As a reminder, please submit your questions through the Q&A feature. That feature allows us to capture all questions that were asked in case we are not able to address them tonight. Please do not enter questions in the chat feature that you would like answered by the panelists.
Alison Sandman
ada.org/virus is the main webpage. I believe this is the direct link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGXiUyAoEd8
Leslie O'Neill
Please enter your questions into the Q&A feature. We won't be able to get to all questions, but if you enter it into the Q&A we will be able to review for future meeting or an FAQ for our website.
Leslie O'Neill
Please enter your question into the Q&A feature. If we aren't able to get to it today, we will take note of questions received and provide additional information on our website as soon as we can compile the answers.
Alison Sandman
Heroes Act passed House, but not Senate yet
Alison Sandman
It will be posted on cda.org
Leslie O'Neill
Hello everyone. If you are interested in viewing this information again, the webinar is being recorded and will be posted to CDA.org/covid19
Thanh Do
Thanks, Leslie.
Leslie O'Neill
Lee, the recording will be posted on the website and may be shared with anyone.
Leslie O'Neill
Oh, i'm sorry i didn't understand the question. I'm not sure. I'll ask Deanna to connect with you tomorrow.
Alison Sandman
Unfortunately, we cannot go over time for more than a minute or two. We will have follow-up through cda.org and also consider hosting additional meetings soon